Smart Lending Solution

Vryno Loan Management System (LMS)

A Loan Management System that can automate your operations as well? That's the goal. Presenting Vryno Smart Lending Solution - a highly adaptive and customizable system that you can mold as per your need and improve your customers' experience.

Vryno Smart Lending Solutions comes with the following features:

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Customized Workflows as per your policy

Modify our solution as per your business policy, adjust it according to your uniqueness, and have a system created.


Credit Scoring of prospective clients

Now know whether a lead is hot or not by evaluating your clients' Credit Score using smart system-defined rules.


Business Rule Engine to automate your process

Automate your process using Business Rules and highlight the exceptions in the loan application. Powered by Odoo, our strong Business Rule Engine can automate almost everything for you.



Access the highly scalable application from virtually anywhere. This also gives you the benefit of lower costs, reduced time, and easy to use and perform proof-of-concepts.


Rapid Implementation Development Model

With the help of agile software methodology, We bring to you rapid prototyping at the forefront. Our team will finish customizing after understanding your needs.


Useful Analytics

Optimize customer experiences, interpret patterns, and generate meaningful reports with the analytical tool.

How it Works


Lead Generation

System receives information about prospective leads and also assigns it to the team.


Loan Application

Team then follows up with the leads and updates the loan application details in the system.


Loan Appraisal Compliance

System evaluates compliance of the applications with the help of predefined rules.


Loan Appraisal Approval

As per the customized workflow, the system allows the authorized teams to take a final decision.


Customer Onboarding

Once the loan is sanctioned, the loan account is created in the system.


Integration to other system

Via API, all the information can be transferred to other systems.